Circle Island Walk

by - November 27, 2017

Circle Island Trek

November 27, 2018
Today I start a 5 day 131 mile perimeter walk around the Island of O'ahu. I am really looking forward to walking with a dear friend who walked in Europe with me this year and living outdoors for five days (yeah houseless or homeless). It should be really neat to see this island at a walking pace and perspective. Honk if you see me walking!

Today - walking 31 miles -Ewa Beach to Dillingham Airfield
Tomorrow- 24 miles to Malekahana State Park
Wednesday - 15 miles to Kualoa
Thursday - 25 miles to Sandy Beach
Friday - 36 miles to Ewa Beach Oahu

Check out this walking map on MapMyRun: 131.6 mi Circle Island Walk 2017
Distance: 131.6 mi

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  1. How fantastic , Chris!!
    I’ll be following via your posts!
    Lots of love 💕🌈🌴