Day 25 Lost in Rome

by - June 27, 2017

Day 25

June 25, 2017
Monterotondo To Monte Sacro
Statistics: steps= 31,303
Elevation climbed= 870 feet
Distance walked = 15.1. miles or 24.0 km.

I wake up early and spend the early morning completing some blog posts.i promised the nun who runs this Convent that I would go to 730am mass at the church .the accommodations are very nice and the dining area has a coffee vending machine which I use. At least 3 times this morning. Yum yum.

L head out a little early and when I reach the church the nun asks me if I was planning on going to mass at the Vatican. That sounds great. I head off to the Vatican.

The guidebok routes me to the river than all the way to a park then back to the river than the Vatican. Sounds simple but I get so lost twice that I over shoot the end of the map twice.

I end up meeting two Portuguese flight attendants for Ryan air and they lead me back to my map boundary. I finally reach the Vatican but the offices are closed today.

I go to my hotel and then go out to a bar to celebrate with 3 gin and tonics. Tomorrow I will go to the testimonium office.

So many thoughts going through my head. I made it. Sleep.

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