Day 22 Monte who?

by - June 25, 2017

Day 22

Reiti To Monteleone Sabrino
June 22, 2017
Statistics: steps: 56,890 distance: 27.3 miles or 41.99 Km climbed:1,930

Countdown: 4 days and 87 Km to Rome

I guess those beers made me sleep well, I wake up late

at 5:15am which  is usually when I leave. On the way out of town I run into Margo and Corinne talking to two women. I discover they are both from Seattle. We walk for a kilometer or two. They walk a little slower so I walk ahead and quickly  lose sight of them.

Todays walk is suprisingly flat and fast.  My accommodations are a couple kilometers out of town. I see the turn off to Montenero which is a steep climb. It takes me an hour to reach Montenero. Which doesn't seem right but I am here and the castle is pretty cool. I go to the alimentari which is also a bar and I have two gin and tonics. Nice thing about Italy is gin and tonics are $2.50. Eat some pizza.

I show the local I have been talking the address of my B&B and he says "that's Monteleone, this is Montenero" Oh boy my dyslexia got the better of me. Monteleone is 15-20 km on the other side of the mountain I just climbed. And there's no bus... time to start walking.

After another hour of walking I stop at another bar and have two more gin and tonics and sandwich. And walk another hour and half to another bar. No I didn't drink more gin & tonics! I ask a local where this B&B is and he says he will give me a ride.

it takes about 10 minutes to reach the B&B. Lo and behold, two of the Austrians are staying there too!

I am pretty exhausted. I get an interviewed for a regional Facebook page with 6600 followers . I then go to sleep.

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