Day 21 Reiti

by - June 25, 2017

Day 21 Rieti

Puggio Bustone to Rieti
June 21z, 2017
statistics: steps: 42,557 distance: 20.47 milesmiles/ 41.9 km, Climbed:1,420
Countdown: 5 days and 109 km to Rome

Right off the bat, the walk begins dropping in altitude quiet a bit. The more I walk the more I don't like descending. My knees don't like it and it makes me uncomfortable. First thing in the morning is a real eye opener.

The walk stays at the same altitude for an hour and change. It's a walking path used by locals. After 3 hours I enter Cantalice, a medieval town on the side of a hill. Medieval towns are challenging to walk through. Lots of steep slopes and steps. Even if you can walk well, the irregular stair tread heights make it easy to trip. Remarkable no bad falls in over a million steps. Knock on wood.

Once through Cantalice, it's a nice easy walk. Hot but nice.

I was expecting Reiti to be similar to Assisi but that wasn't the case. Reiti is a modern city and very average in it's  appearance.

I run into The 4 Austrians. I have two Falls on the same set of stairs but catch my fall with my right hand both times. Whew close call.

Eat some pizza and drink two beers. Good sleep tonite!

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  1. Your walks are just unbelievable! Look forward to seeing you when you return, see more of your photos and hear more amazing amazing stories of your incredible journey.