Day 20 The 800 year old Beech Tree

by - June 24, 2017

Day 20 The 800 year old Beech Tree

Piediluco to Puggio Bustone
June 20, 2017
statistics: steps:52,381 distance: 24.7 miles
miles/ 40.0 km, Climbed: 3,430

Countdown: 6 days and 127 kilometers to

A nice flat wall along the lake then into the forest after an hour of walking. The medieval hilltop town of Labros comes into view. And that's a pretty steep hill. I could definitely enjoy just looking at Labros and not having to walk up. Oh well we're going straight up. It's quite a climb to get to Labros. . It is a charming medieval town with narrow streets. The path takes you through the village. Then all the sudden there's a modern room that is a Wi-Fi hotspot for the village. It is such a contrast to the medieval Village. Of course I love it. I stop and logon you get my email and senda few emails.

The rest of the day climbing, more climbing and more climbing. The climax Is watching an old beech that Francisco took refuge under during a storm. That would make the tree at least 800 years old!! It's a nice tree. Then proceed to the small chapel probably seats 15 people max.

Now just another 7-8 km to finish this walk. I'm almost to the town and I run into two Germans, a mother and daughter, Corinne and Margo. Corinne speaks excellent English. We walk into town and go to the pharmacy together and then to the bar for a drink. There are literally the third and fourth pilgrims I've seen on this route. I literally walk every day and see no one. The stay at the same ostello. I head up to the church. Interesting monastery and church. This is the location that francisco stayed in the mountains for a long time. There are some caves that they stayed in. I start to walk up until I realize the caves are miles away.

I return to have dinner with Corinne and Margo and four Austrians. We all return to the hostel. Before we retire Corinne hands us what looks like a fortune but it's a saying for you for the Camino. Turns out Margo made these.

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