Day 19 Artificial Waterfall

by - June 19, 2017

Arrone to Piediluco

June 19, 2017
Statistics: steps:28,906, distance: 13.63 miles/11 km, Climbed: 740

Countdown: 8 days and 149 miles to Rome

Today's walk is easy with one climb over a ridge line with an artificial waterfall. The first 2 hours are super flat then it quickly ascends to the fake waterfall built over a 2300
years ago in 271 b.c. By no other than the Romans. They built this massive waterfall 2300 years ago-that is
So hard to fathom! Incredible.

The top of the waterfall has a very nice park with water turbine parts laid out like a sculpture park. The water turbine parts are beautifully crafted. Definitely with checking out.

The path continues alongside a 3 kilometr artificial river. Walking along water is always nice. I walk to the center of Piediluco and wait an hour for the church to open the hosted but to no avail. So I walk back to Hotel Lago.

Eat dinner and call it a night,

Piediluco Summary:
Charmingness: 5 Gellato:6.5 Margherita Pizza: na History celebrated: 5 Epic pictures: 1Days: 0 other: k, town. It not worth visiting unless doing the Cammino Francesco. It's not a bad town but there are remarkable towns nearby.

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