Day 18 Staging Day

by - June 19, 2017

Day 18 Staging Day

Spoleto to Arrone (by train)
Walking statistics: steps:13,969, distance: 6.6 miles/11 km, Climbed: 350

Have to be in Rome by 26 of June. Which meant I had to do two stages or take a train. Since my right knee has been hurting me for past couple of days. I decided to take the train today give my knee a rest.

Very peaceful and quiet day. Woke up and took the train and then a bus. Arrived in Arrone by 10 AM. Spent most of the day writing.

Eat dinner and call it a night,

Arrone city summary:
Charmingness: 5 Gellato: 7.5 Margherita Pizza: 6 History celebrated: 5 Epic pictures: 5 Days: 0 other: ok, town. It not worth visiting unless doing the Cammino Francesco. It's not a bad town but there are remarkable towns nearbyý

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