Day 17: Wonderful Spoleto

by - June 18, 2017

Day 17: Wonderful Spoleto

Trevi to Spoleto
June 17, 2017

Statistics: Steps: 39,583, Distance: 18.84 miles/ l28.0km, Climbed 780

I really like Trevi. It's not a big town but it's very charming. I splurged and stayed in a hotel for $50. I highly recommend Alla Rocca. checked out last night at the hotel, but didn't get passport. The front desk opens at 7:15am, which means 2:15 of walking in the sun. I sleep another hour then play with the internet until I finally get passport then I hurry out of town to make Up some time. The path goes up and down for an hour with scenic vistas through olive orchards as far as the eye can see.

It goes on for another 7-9 km and then goes on the flat for miles but it feels like I did two twice the distance on the flat pavements. The landscape is a mish mash of commercial and occasional roadside bar or restaurant bar. It's as flat as a lake but it takes all day to finish.And the last 2 hours is walking on the Road.

Its close to noon and I am thirsty and there's a Conrad Supermarket close by. I buy two fruit juices (1 liter each) 2 liters of Fanta orange, yogurt and shampoo. I check my gps and There's a hostel 200 meters away. I am lucky today :)

I check in and clean up. Time to check out Spoleto and the Lippi frescoes. I head into the centro. The first piazza has an old church but there's a funeral at the moment. I ask the hearse driver which church had the Lippi frescoes. He points on the map to the church at the top of the hill. it takes me an hour and when I get to the church there's a wedding happening. As the wedding ends the waiting tourists invade the church.there is one Lippi resco at the front of the church. It's pretty amazing. The other interesting item in the video church is a letter from St. Francis, it's one of two letters, known to survive from St. Francis.

I start heading back. Unfortunately my My medicine has run out. So I hobble back. I really like this place.

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