Day 16 The Perfect Hilltown

by - June 18, 2017

The Perfect Hilltown

Day 16
Assisi to Spello to Trevi

Walking statistics: steps:55,779, distance: 18.8 miles/30.1 km, Climbed: 2,360

This is the first city that I visited on this trip where I feel I didn't see much of the city. Assisi has much more to offer. I must return on a future trip.

The path climbs and then it goes along the mountain shoulder and down to the flats. The first town walk Through is Spello. I walk down Main Street which has many wine tasting shops. It's a charming town on a slope. There's Roman structures like the Roma portal at the bottom of town. Seemsy

I walk overs aomqlike a town you could spend half a day and be satisifIed that you saw it all. I stop at the bottom of the town and eat two slices of margherita pizza which wasn't that good but was filling. Next door is a Gelteria that makes the gelatkk themselves. I order my usual Amarena and I am happy. It takes great. I finished the first of two days of walking in good time now to finish strong in Trevi.

The path to Trevi is long and flat with the first half through the city and the second half through bone dry olive orchards. Good news I walk by my first Decathlon store on my walking route. Sad I need nothing so I keep Iwalking.

Good visibility Today. I can see the hilltop of Trevi from15 km away.i keep walking finally reaching the end of suburbia and the beginning of olive tree agricultural lands. To me olive tRees are quintessential Italy.

It's hot and dusty, some signs look like they got so hot they burned. I run out of water and my internal countdown clock starts to countiNg down To the danger zoom. Luckily a water fountain next to a church is I decide pmogutworking. I fill the bottle 3-4 times and just pour the water on my head. Then I drink a bottle of water and refill for the rest of the hike.

I make my way to Trevi and climb the last bit to enter on the entry road. The entry to he city is a wide tree boulevard. A nice shaday entry. I am very impressed

I decide to splurge tonight on a cheap room. The guide says Antica Dimors Alla R occa is a nice Place. It certainly is in a great central location. Just what the doctor ordered :) is
Charmingness: 7 Gellato: 7 Margherita Pizza: 4 History celebrated: 4 Epic pictures: 6. days: 0.5 day visit

Charmingness: 8.5 Gellato: 5 Margherita Pizza: na History celebrated: 5 Epic pictures: 8 Days: 0.5 day visit - awesome place to overnight Other: highly recommend staying at the Antica Dimors Alla rocca

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