Day 14 The Long Descent

by - June 15, 2017

Day 14 The Long Descent

Della Verna to Pieve Santo Stefano

Statistics: Steps: 37,011, Distance: 17.55 miles/ 28.0km, Climbed 1,560

After walking 42 km yesterday to Pastor Angelicus, my leg muscLes are really sore. More sore than anytime in the Past two weeks. I hobble up he impossible climb to la Verna chapels. It's a tough climb. The path continues to climb modesty for a couple of kilometers. Then is all downhill for the next 2 kilometers.

I notice some pain in area of the right knee and quads. Time to stop and see what's happenimg. There's no
sign of anything of anything wrong. No swelling. I massage by right thigh and doe some stretchs. Clive and Maya strike on to Pieve Santo Stefan. My Parkinson's
Medicone was taken hours ago and I should have taken another dose an hour ago. I take a dose now but it will take 45 minutes , in the mean time I will hobible down the path.

I follow the path until I see sign for my B&B. Then the crazy trail to the B&B. You really need a GPX file To find this B&B. I find it, but that's part luck and part skill.

We check in and then head to the centro to get some food. After a satisfy meal. Time to go to bed And try to catch up on these blog entries.

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