Day 13 The Deers

by - June 14, 2017

Day 13 The Deers

June 13, 2017
Stia to Della Verna

Statistics: Distance: 42.6 km/26.3 miles. Steps: 51,623
Climbing: 4,580

Up early and packed and out of the house by 4am. The plan is to do 3 days of walking in one day! It sstawrets with a climb of 10 kilometers. About 3 km into the hike I frighten two bIg deers and they both bolt away from the path. The path goes through a young forest until it reaches he summit then it turns into a forest of BEEch trees. I hear the.sound of water flowing, turns out to be a nice stream and its deep enough to sit in the water and cool off. I take a break,

After the 10 km climb - my energy is pretty tapped by the time I reach the Monastery of Eremo Camaldoli. The place is eerily quiet. Two pilgrims are resting near the entrance. The main building is being repaired with no talking. The monastery maintains a strict no talking even for the ciinstruction workers. Behind the main buildings is a small village of monks living a life of solitude.

I Hustle down to the end of the trail. There’s a cafe and I order a hamburger and French fries. The waitress is really busy, it takes forever. I start the second days trail late at 2 pm.

It immediately starts climbing going up five hundred meters over 2 kilometers. It's's a brutal climb. What little energy I had is completely gone now, it's apparent there's no way I'll be able to complete the 30s walk this afternoon.

The first day’s hike took me aeight hours.The second days hike takes me four hours. I've done the mileage and the climbing of three days in one day. IAustin losses Time to find a way to get to Verna. Time is running out it's 4 o'clock in the afternoon. There's one more bus in 45 minutes. I buy a bus ticket at the bar and a grande Italian beer.

The bus comes last bus to Verna leave The bus driver tells me that leaves before we get to it so I'll be stuck in the next city. After the bus driver drops everyone off then drivers me to the edge of town.
I start hitch hiking and I get picked up in five minutes by Andrea. He speaks English and he drives me right to The front door of the convent .

It is 7 o'clock The day.Is finally over.

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