Day 12 The Forest Hike

by - June 12, 2017

Day 12 - The Forest Walk

June 12, 2017
Consuma to Stia

Statistics : distance: 14.4 miles/ 23.04km , steps:30,663. elevation climbed: 1,160 feet weather: sunny 80.

After the initial climb, the walk from Consuma to Stia is mostly a forest hike through a 50 year-old forest with sparse views.The last 5 km is along a road on the valley bottom.

The hotel manager made us coffee and provided a sugar crust croissant. A nice kick start. The 30 Germans at dinner last night are nowhere to be seen.

We head our at 5:15am and immediately start climbing. It looks like most days start with climbs. We quickly enter a forest and stay under trees for most of the day.

Mostly two track trails and forestry roads. An ocassional tree harvesting using selective clearing. I count the tree rings and it's 50-65 rings or years old trees. Very few buildings.

Lots of ups and downs. We arrive in Stia by 10:30am. It's a very nice town. Nice people. Great central cafe with wifi.

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