Day 11 - Climb, Baby, Climb

by - June 11, 2017

Day 11 - Climb, Baby, Climb

June 12, 2017
Pontssieve to Consuma

Statistics : Distance: 14.7miles/ 23.04km , steps: 31,313. elevation climbed: 3,360 feet weather: sunny 80

Todays hike is through open wine orchards - of course with constant climbing. The day starts with a climb of 500 meters over the first 6 km to reach the charming little village of Diacceto. The bar is opens. it's part convenient store and part bar. I order a capaccino and some yogurt. Dynamite view and scenery.

Not too long after Diacceto the path enters the forest. Occassionly there's
a clearing but.mostly forrest. We run into tre two Danes near Consuma. They stayed in Diacceto last night.

We go to grocery store many times in Consuma. Eat well and sleep well.

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