Day 10 The Cammino Begins

by - June 10, 2017

Day 10 The Cammino Begins

June 10, 2017
Florence to Pontassieve

Statistics: Steps: 42,608 Distance: 19.88 miles/ 31.8 km
Climbed: 1,690

We leave the flat at 5:00 am and walk through the city of Florence heading towards the countryside. Block by block the landscape becomes more and more rural. It's so early that we see just a handful of people. We reach the beginning of the Cammino Francesco around 6:30am. There's a nice view of the city from here. 5 minutes later we reach a bar with gelato. It's 6:30am and I feel like a gelato. Yum yum, what a perfect way to start this walk. It hits the spot. It's up and down but very minor. After 12 km we react Ellera. There's a charming cafe with two very nice ladies working behind the counter. They make a great cappuccino.

Sigh, what a nice day walking through Italy. We finish the walking and Clive makes some delicious pesto pasta.

A very nice day.

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