Day 42: Happy Birthday

by - May 26, 2017

Lanceveux to St Jean Pied De Port

Statistics : distance: 17.24miles/27.7km , steps:36,288. elevation climbed: 1,200 feet weather: sunny 80.

We wake up and the two Frenchman are ready to go after breakfast. We eat breakfast then we race to get going. We book the first 3 miles. We are going so fast that we pass people lol.

We follow the official path into the Santiago. We reach the city and Gite Ultreia doesn't open until 4pm. We eat pizza for lunch to celebrate my birthday and finishing. Maya notices that we all eat faster and louder and that peole are watching us. LOL.

It's a low key birthday which is fine with me. Clive and Maya have been great to walk with. Couldn't ask for better travel mates!

I turn 53. Life just gets better

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