Day 37: Walking Solo

by - May 20, 2017

Walking Solo

Day 37 - Sauvelade 5/20/17
Statistics: 15.9 miles/25.6 km, Steps: 33,908 Elevation climbed: 870 feet. Weather: Sprinkled rain for 30 minutes then cloudy then sunny in 60s.

Walked through the town with heavy clouds hanging over. Looked like could be sunny or to rain, not sure. Ended up sprinkling rain for about 20 minutes and that was it.

Stopped at the market and bought a slice of pizza and then continued to the church. Took pictures of the church inside and then I walked by myself for three hours.

It's nice walking by yourself sometimes. You walk to your speed, and you stop when you want to stop. No pressure to catch up, plus I love walking during sunrise..

I've been a little lax on my Parkinson's medicine taking it inconsistently. For the first hour I had difficulty walking. By the time I got to mile 3 my legs were finally working again. But I had taken three doses of medicine by that time. It wasn't the medicine it was the knee brace that was inhibiting my movement.

Had the pleasure of walking with Maximillion from lake Cuomo for about an hour and a half until We reached Sauvelade. Say goodbye but we can expect to see each other tomorrow. I say aloha and he’s gone.

I decide it is time to start walking by myself again. I'm the slowest walker I have met on the Camino and if I do walk with someone, I've invariably hurt myself. I love waking up early and take pictures of walking at sunrise. Its my favorite time of day for photography. I think it works out better this way.

Both knees feel fragile but they both feel OK . I think I pulled a hamstring muscle today but it's minor should be fine. Overall I think the health I am doing really well

I make my usual pasta dinner, write my blog agoing to sleep soon

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  1. You're doing the right thing, Chris! So in tune with your body, listening to your inner self, enjoying the journey with your positive attitude, working through the hurdles, and taking the time to share your experiences with us.
    Cheering you on!!