Day 35: The Rain

by - May 19, 2017

The Rain

Day 35  5/18/17
Statistics: 14.7 miles/23.4 km, Steps: 30,914 Elevation climbed: 1,160 feet. Weather: Raining all day and in the 40s

Today is the first day with the backpack. The real test of My health. I eat breakfast nad Maximilian and Gabriella stop by to say goodbye. I am sad Gabriella is going home. She has an infectious posing attitude and a Great smile. Maybe I will see her in Zurich someday:) I think my might see Maximillion again too.

Within an hour of leaving town it starts to rain, really raining andit's about 40°. We think about staying at the church but it's not going to stop anytime soon so we Head out into the rain.

The rains for the rest of the day and we are just trying to get through it and make it to the next Gîte which is at Uzan..

It Is the most adverse weather I have ever walked in and we did it for six hours.

When we arrive at Uzan it is difficult to find the Gite. Only a small handwritten sign indicates that it is the Gite.

There are 4 other people staying at The same Gite. The first rover the two Korean women ones name is Insook. she tells me that the two of you met at a café in South Korea for an event for people doing the Camino to me other people doing the Camino.we know they are cold when they arrive. So Clive and I offer them coffee which Clive makes. It's an instant coffee which they are thankful for.

In France, they drink coffee from a Bowl.

Lastly Bridget Harry Slinkman arrive.The four of us eat dinner at the same time.Clive and I bought one euro worth of pasta and pasta sauce from the Gite owner. As were making dinner I'm playing music from the Moissac organ, nuns and the La Romieu Veterans Day music. As the La Romieu Veterans Day music plays both Slinkmans start singing the song. Seems like we bonded at the moment.

They see we have no cheese for the pastas like it was cheese so they give us some cheese and go desert day they give us applesauce. it's amazing what a little friendship and food can do.

It's still raining and we decide togo to bed

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