Day 34: Chores, really mom!

by - May 19, 2017

Chores, really mom!

Day 34 Arzaq-Arraziguet 5/17

Statistics: Distance walk around town:5.9 miles/9.4 km, steps:12,413
Van: Aire Sur L’Adour to Arzaq-Arraziguet

The three of us are pretty beaten

up. We decided to take a van today instead of walking. Better than getting to Ng injured having to stop a couple days. We see a couple of our friends including Gabriella, Maximillion and Frank the German bicyclist.

It's a good day to do some chores. We focus on making our bookings for the rest of France in the first week of Italy.

Talk to Gabriella and she's tired and decided to go home. She said she'll travel to Switzerland tomorrow. Also one into Frank the German bicyclist from Munich. Here's an interesting bicycle. It has a battery and motor so He doesn't have to kill him self to get places. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Also meet Maximillion who is a 28-year-old Italian from Lake Como and he's injured his knee. We drink wine talk story into the night.

All in all, a pretty quiet day.

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