Day 32: The Dinners

by - May 16, 2017

The Camino Magic

Day 32 5/15/17
Nogaro to Lelin Lapujolle

Stati stics: distance walked: 14.7 miles /34.0 km, steps: 30,957 elevation climbed: 990 feet, Sunny skies, 70 degrees

Is a bright sunny day and the path is hard and well's an easy day. About lunchtime Clive just stops on top of the hill behind us. Just the sky literally 15-20 minutes go by and he’s not moving. I said just amble down the path, Surely they will catch up with me since I'm so slow. Clive has taken a real fancy to planes lately.

For you at the G and Clive and Maya are nowhere to be found. Show up about half hour later. Turns out Clive stood there for 45 minutes looking at the sky had to sit on the lunch.

The location is very remote. This one house across the street and the nearest store is 5 to 6 miles away. We like to have dinner cookedn by the owner since so far away. Not a big surprise but everyone elects to have dinner. There are three groups of people us, married couple Jean-Paul and Elizabeth and three older women traveling together - Nicole Josie Kristen.

They're all French which means probably the dinner conversation will be all in French. Over the years I've noticed that Americans are expected to know the language of the European country they are visiting which sounds good but it's completely unreasonable you consider we are going to a couple countries. People in hawaii are learning Hawaiian or Chinese or Japanese they're not going to learn French. What was exceptional for about this dinner is that ther are speaking a mqix of English and French for us.

I think it's always fascinating and healthy to have cultural exchange. It's the quickest way to find out that people are people no matter where they live in this world. They are Just like you and me. The way the television portrays people is so false.

It is a Wonderful evening and one of my favorite moments of the trip so far. Is the same as 3years ago the dinners were some of the best moments of the trip.

After dinner We all retire and it is hot. On top of the sheets is uncomfortable you hot. Surprisingly I do go to sleep.

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