Day 28: The Restart

by - May 13, 2017

The Restart

Day 28 Montreal

Statistics: 10.4 miles/16.7 kilometers, steps:22,028, elevation climbed:630 feet, sunny, 70 degrees

8 am the driver shows up and picks up my Backpack and myself. The plan was to drop me off 5 km outside of town and drop off my bag in Montreal at the Gite. But there's some confusion as the driver has instructions to drop me 11 km from town. Another reason to speak French!

He drops me off 11 Km from my destination. Suck It up buttercup! I see another pilgrim with as dog checking her map.

We start walking together, her name is Stephanie . The dog is not hers. The dog is not hers. It has been following her for about a mile. She slows down and I pick up speed. I get to town ok. My knee is really good. No problem. Montreal is a small town. Not much here.

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