Day 27: The X Ray

by - May 12, 2017

The X Ray

Day 27 Agen/Condom
Statistics: distance walked: 5.1 miles/ 8.0 km, steps: 10,755 elevation climbed: 160 feet, sunny, 70 degrees

We decide to head to the city of Agen for a bigger hospital since Condom is a small town. We are directed to the emergency room. I check in and I am informed since I am not A French citizen, I must pay my bill when I amand usually a lot of people waiting.NowIamthinkit how much this will cost and whether my insurawill cover it, instead of a just worrying about my knee. Our health care system has some huge flaws. Americans have to worry how to pay for healthcare while the French do not have to ever think about that.

I wait for about 30-45 minutes then I get called to take two X-rays. I wait another 30 minutes for the doctor. My name is called.

Now time for the verdict . I try to positive as I walk doctors office but my mind races and there's probably something wrong since the recovery has taken longer than expected. I don't want this trip to end.

He speaks English. He says "you're OK." I’'m sort of stunned but soon feel relieved. He says there is nothing on the x-rays. He tests my leg and feels no problems. Now it's time don't know much does this cost.

I go to billing and tell me the total is $181 euros. That's $200, wow!!’ That's incredkible- nice hospital, good doctors and only $200. I am sure Queens hospital lwould be $500-1500. Viva le France!!

When I tell mom she thinks I am joking. When I tell her I am not joking then she looks stunned.

We drive to Condom and stop at an incredible pizza shop in the city center. I have my favorite pizza , margharita and it doesn't disappoint. It is one of the l best.

It's time to say our goodbyes to Fletcher and Mom.
They drop me off at the Gite. Sad to see them go. It was way to short. I watch as they drive away.

I check into the Gite. All I can say is “wow”. Hands down the best Gite on the Camino. Maya comes down when excited that return .

Clive and head out for burgers. Clive is lusting for a burger. We stop at the square next to the cathedral and eat an incredible burger. The Goodin France… oooh la la!!

The Gite owner makes arrangements to have my pack couriered ahead.

The plan is to walk small distances over the next week and courier my backpack as much as possible.

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