Day 24: The Happy Couple

by - May 12, 2017

The Happy Couple

Day 24: Lectoure, France

Statistics: 6.0 miles/ 9.8 km, steps: 12,625, sunny, 70 degrees

My mom for the past couple of years has spent a couple weeks on a small charming Cathar town, Cordes sur Ciel, in southern France.

I met them at the city wall portal. The town is having a flea market sale in the town square. We take a stroll through the market.

I buy strawberries and simple sugar crepe. The Strawberries are the best I've had in years. Amazing. They taste so good.

Living in Hawaii, i'm asked ”What do I miss from the mainland?” Without a doubt there's only one thing I miss besides my family and that's fresh fruit. Fruits are shipped green to Hawai'i and then irradiated to accelerate ripening. These Auvillar strawberries are to die for!

I spent the whole day with Mom & Fletcher. They’ve been dating for a couple of years. They look so happy together. I don't think i’ve seen my mom so happy. Mother's Day is this coming Sunday.

We drive To Lectoure to meet clive and maya. We have a nice dinner in the gardens of their hotel. The countryside is beautiful. We drink wine as the sun
sets. A good day!

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