Day 20 - 21 The Cloister

by - May 03, 2017

Day 20 - 21 The cloister

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Day 20 Distance walked: 10 km
Maya and I take a van from Lauzerte to Moissac. It's a short uneventful ride. Moissac is pronounced‍ moaiatv Arrive at the hostel and the Internet has been down for days. We walk to the town center, We check out the cathedral in the historic part of the town. The Cathedral is amazing. Built in 1063 by the Romans.It has the oldest cloister in the world built in 1100 AD. And then we try to find Wi-Fi but no luck.

Walk 10 km without problems. Clive walks by himself today and walks 32 km. He arrives at 5:00 PM after a beer with Wakeen and Marion from Luxembourg.

We head to the pizza place on our the main square. It's closed but will open in 10-15 minutes. We decide to checkout the church. It's 6:0 pm and I recall Rom saying the nuns sang for the 15 minutes a 6:00 pm. Perfect timing they started singing ok ready. Their voices are so high. They sing 3-4 songs thyen one of the nuns gives a sermon.

After dinner, Head over to the tourism office where there's free Internet. We loiter outside as we download and upload files and pictures.I find it's easy to give up many luxuries except wifi. In Europe its pronounced ‘wee fee’. We have become pretty good at finding free wifi. Usually the tourism offices have free wifi and also bars.

Day 21 Distance walked 10km
The next day we explore the cloister of the Abbey. It's an Unesco world heritage site. It's the oldest cloister in the world constructed in 1100 AD. That's 917 years old! Like other cloisters each column has a different capital. The capitals tell different biblical stories.

We visit the church first. There is someone playing the organ. It turns out that the church organ is famous and many people try to get opportunities to play. We listen to five songs then head to the cloister.

The cloister is outstanding. It's hard to tell it is 900 years old. 64 capitals of the columns are in fairly good condition except during the French Revolution someone took a hammer and hit most of the capitals. It's such an incredible space I spend a couple hours enjoying It.

At dinner I sit next to Gabriella. She is From Switzerland and in her late 60s. She always wanted to start a restaurant so she did she was finally 61. Her ex-husband was an architect. She turned 60 she decides to take time to do things always dreamed of doing, and not wait for what’s going to happen to next.

We are staying in Gite called Ulteia owned by an irish couple - Aideen and Tom. There are very nice. It seems almost every Pelerin Gite in France is very nice. Definitely recommend this Gite!

Injury report: so it's been about 10 days since I injured my right knee causing me to have to stop walking and hop skip the route to stay near Clive and maya. The knee is still in a little pain but there's no swelling and recovery is happening but slowly. I have started walking again, a modest 10 km over flat Terrains . Doesn't seem to affect my recovery.

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