Day 16 to 19 - The French Cafe

by - May 03, 2017

Day 16 to 19 - Lauzerte

I take a van from Cahor to Lauzertez. The driver speaks a little English. I use my Google translate to ask some questions and have a small conversation. The drive through the countryside is just beautiful. The farmers are busy preparing their fields for the summer. The drive is too quick. Lauzerte comes in to view. A small town perched on top of the hill with commanding views. The road up the hill slowly reveals the city, one layer at a time up the hill slowly reveals the city one layer at a time. The town features stone houses and a recently installed cobblestone roads.

The first day is very flavorful and exciting as it Market day in the town square and there is a wonderful singing Guitar player, Calumbi, strumming French Cafe Type music. The square is full of vendor, And the whole town is in the square. The crowd loves the music. Theres still an hour before the Gite Communial opens. I head to a little park in the edge of town and sit on a bench. After an
hour head to the Gite and I run into Eric, a French pilgrim also checking in. The Gite manager, Corrine checks us both in. Then stamps our pilgrim credentials.

I opt for dinner which turns out to be an incredible meal of a delicious legume soup, bread, and rice & chicken zmain course and chocolate pudding. I sit across from Eric Voss who is walking for 1 week and started in Conques. We talk through dinner and continue talking in the study. He is a 50+ French chemical engineer married to a Vietnamese wife of 30 years. He speaks excellent English. His son just graduated from a Pestigous French college for pharmacy and his daughter is through 6 years of med school and has 3 Years left. He Works as a safety Engineer at a French carmaker. I give Eric a Camino card and tell him to visit us. He recipicates. It would be great to see Eric again in Hawaii. Go to sleep.

The next day is pretty uneventful . I spend most of the day creating a video of Market day.

On the third day, I switch hostels to Gite Figuro. Dinner is the highlight of the day. We sit across from two 50+ year old Americans-Judy and Meg. They met at a small liberal arts college in Ohio over 30 years ago.They do a week or two of the Camino every year. So far they have done 3 trips. They both loved the Racomador alternste.

Judy is a Steelers fan form Pittsburgh moved to Atlanta. Judy decided when she hit 50 she would do the Camino. Judy speaks French. Meg moved to Mexico, owns furniture company that makes furniture out of reuse and Copper. Meg speaks Spanish. They're walking short distance tomorrow due to the rain and then taking a shuttle to Lectoure for a day at the spa. There's a discount rate for pilgrims at €35. Then they're flying Home.

That night we stay in a room with two French pilgrims- Donny the Auto mechanic and his friend. His friends foot is the worst I've seen as blisters. He to see a doctor and maybe take a week rest before continuing.

On the fourth day, we switch to a hostel that is just about to open. We have the whole place to ourselves. We just take easy day and restock supplies and do some Internet stuff.

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