Day 14 to 15 Eden's Garden

by - May 07, 2017

Day 14 & 15 Eden’s Garden

Statistics: 6.2 miles/10 km, steps: 13,657  elevation climbed: 360 feet
The next day driver drives me to Cahor. It's a quiet ride as neither of us speaks the other’s language. We arrive and it is 0°C - it is cold.

The Gite Papillion is in the middle of the city. It is in a very old building with five floors with a spiral staircase. We are on the top floor and the bathroom is two stories down.

Eden, owner of Gite is an interesting fellow. He lived in China for 12 years and married a Chinese national and has a two-year-old baby girl. He was a fashion photographer in China.

Since he returned three years ago, he's taken over the operation on his mother’s Gite for nine months of the year nonstop. He is a one-man army. Does reservations. Cleans the place. Makes dinner. And breakfast. It's a full day. In the morning his two phones ring non stop.

We meet Suzanne, a pilgrim from the Gold Coast of Australia I think from Bisbane.She's married to a Frenchman, but she walks by her self because her husband has difficulty walking. She's loves walking.

Elainor a Brazilian Doctor of Pathologist ,spends 2 monthes volunteering at the Gite. Interestingly, she's never walked the Camino, but loves volunteering.

We see Ingrid from Munich who we last saw in Le Sauvage. She's decided to turn around at St Jean de Pied Port. return back to Bavaria walking to her front door. She works at BMW in the administration.

I try to go daily walk to stretch the legs but it only aggravates the knee jury. It's almost impossible to find ice cubes in Europe. There’s a small store nearby and
It actually sells ice! Voila, now we can reduce the swelling. Elevation and ice!

We decide to go to Lauzerte tomorrow. I will go by van and Maya and Clive will walk for 2 days.

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