Preparation is key!

by - April 15, 2017

Preparation is key!

Note: Parkinson's is unique to each individual. The following information is unique to me. This information is provided for informational purposes only. Seek advice from your Medical professional.

I started planning to walk 2,000 km 18 months prior.  Here's my medical info, medical professionals, medicines, Pre-Trek conditioning, Trekking plan, and Keys to my success.

To summarize, I could not walk without my right foot dragging more than 2,000 meters 18 months prior. Over 18 months, I increased it with some foot dragging to 14,000 steps daily or 5 miles/8 km. My longest walking day was 28,000 steps pre-trek. I did not increase my medication beyond my prescription. I seeked Parkinson's specialists to advise me in medical and walking. My training was 30% of my success, my medical team was 30% and 40% was my determination and positive attitude.

There was no magic answer. If I can do this, you can too. My 'Get Moving Plan' shares my plan.

My medical info:

  • 53 year old male, married, retired 12/2016, living in Honolulu in Hawaii.

  • Parkinson's disease symptoms began in 2006. Diagnosed 2011.

  • Pre-trek condition: Parkinson's mainly right side of body with minor left side issues. Issues include hand tremors, rigidity, non-automatic right leg movement, insomnia and other issues.

Medical Professionals

  • Dr Michiko Bruno, Doctor of Neurology, movement disorder specialist

  • Dr Michael Lin, family medicine doctor

  • Peggy Hill, physical therapist at Ohana Pacific Rehab Services, Parkinson's speciality, LVST training


  • Pramipexole 0.25 mg (2 pills 3 times daily )

  • Carbidoba levadopa 25-100mg (3 pills 5 times daily)

  • Azilect 1 mg (1 pill daily)

Pre-Trek conditioning

  • 14,000 steps daily walking

  • LVST Big stretches 2-3 times daily

  • 1-2 hours daily exercise (swimming. Hiking, bicycle, gym workout, etc.) at moderate intensity

Trekking plan

  • Maintain pre-trek medicine dosages.

  • First dose 30-45 minutes before trekking (Azilect, Pramipexole, Carbidoba levadopa )

  • Second dose 75 minutes later (Pramipexole, Carbidoba levadopa )

  • Third dose 90-120 minutes after énd dose (Pramipexole, Carbidoba levadopa )

  • Lunch

  • Fourth dose at lunch (Carbidoba levadopa)

  • Fifth and final dose. 90-120 minutes later. (Carbidoba levadopa )

Keys to my success

  • Good preparation & planning

  • Specialized medical professionals

  • Determination and positive 'can do' attitude

  • Great support network

  • LVST BIG stretches

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