Day 9: The Sunset

by - April 22, 2017

Day 9: Decazeville to Figeac

April 22, 2017

Statistics:21 kilometers(13 miles),29,838 steps, elevation changed: 800 feet, 30-40 pilgrims, 50-65 degrees, sunny blue skies


I awake to discover that my body is still expelling magnesium. I start my morning routine organizing my bags that go into the backpack. We eat in our room - bread, apricot jelly, cheese, yogurt and chocolate.

This morning Maya and I are both sore so we decide to take a ride to the halfway point. The ride is fast. It's a beautiful sunny day in the 60s. I take my first dose of mede at 730 am. We don our backpacks and we are motoring!

The morning walk is gorgeousas a path winds through farm fields. As the path winds through farm fields a couple of times it is covered, like a tree tunnel.I took my second dose of medicine at 9:30 AM.
We stop for lunch at 1:00 pm under a tree sitting on a rock wall. Perfect by soup, couscous, spicy chicken and tiramisu for dessert
Good cooking makes me really tiramisu so off to sleep!

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