Day 6 & 7: The Fast & Furious

by - April 20, 2017

Day 6 & 7: The Fast & Furious

April 19th & 20th, 2017
Labros to Conques 20-30 degrees? (too cold)


It's too cold and we could use a rest day. We elect to catch a ride to Conques. It is one of France’s most beautiful towns. And it doesn't disappoint:)

The driver is hustling and speeding on these two way one lane roads and some roads are a fine gravel with a steep drop on the outside. I close my eyes and breathe deep. I open my eyes to see him texting….yikes pay attention! Best to keep the eyes closed. Clive and Maya are relaxed having had much crazier drivers in India.

12:00 noon We arrive 2 hours later and I jump out of the van. Free at last! The fast and furious drive is over.

We walk the town and it's just stunning. Everything is expensive except for the bakery. Over the next 36 hours we will go there for almost every meal. The owner makes a mean chocolate filled beignet.

My right knee is hurting a little from the past 5 days of walking. It needs a break and this is the perfect town. In the past, when I increase exercise this happens then it goes away and doesn't happen again. Hopefully that's all it is.

Take lots of photos and have a restful 36 hours before we Trek towards Figeac and Rocamadour. Two more beautiful towns. Just a few hills between here and there.. well more than a few

Sleep for 8 hours. That's the most I have slept in months. Good decision to rest here.

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