Day 10: Walking Backwards

by - April 24, 2017

Day 10 - 3 Kilometer radius
Figeac to Beduer

Statistics: 23 kilometers( 13miles), 28,829 steps, elevation cand hanged: 800 feet, 5-10 pilgrims, 60-75 degrees, sunny blue skies


Today is an easy day… at least that's what we thought. We gather our stuff and pack them into an assortment of bags with tie strings. Then toss them in our backpacks. Usually the heavier bags go in the bottom. Pull the backpack top drawstring close and we are ready to start walking.

I have been taking two doses within a 90 minutes span to be able to walk. This morning I decide to take two doses at the same time and I hope that my right leg will wrk quicker than having to wait for 30 - 45 minutes. It's works like a charm.

For the past 3-4 days my right knee has been in pain. I usually get this type of knee pain after a harder or longer exercise but it always goes away after actually couple days. I Have been taking Advil, tyernol and a creame called zoltaire, but the symptoms persist. Unfortunately it's gotten a little worse. Today if it improved I will continue and if it gets worse then it's time to take a 2-4 day break.

The day begins with a steep climb from Figeac located in the bottom of a valley. I reach the top and the path turns into a nice paved road with a car every 15 minutes or so. The weather is just perfect - 65-75 degrees and clear blue skies. The countryside is stunning.

Around noon, we reach the charming town of Faycelles. This town has really made the town streets and buildings very nice. We stop here for lunch. It's baguette bread, Apricot jelly, Swiss cheese, pate, and Coca Cola. It's a nice lunch then we are off on the Chemin de Saint Jacque. The path leaving town has some information on some ecological projects along the path.

Our Gite is 3 kilometers away. We fantasize about the carrot that keeps us moving. For me I lust for sugars like soda. Use to be I would lust for pizza.

As the day goes on my right knee gets worse and worse. Well we should almost be there. It's been about an 2 hours and Clive says it 2.7 km away. Something's not right we walked more than 0.3 km in the past 2 hours. I ask Clive for the map and I see why - Chemin de Saint Jacque does a 3 km radius around our Gite! We decide to take a path that cuts straight to the middle of town. Unfortunately the path ends in a farm field, but we're committed so we walk across a farm field. About half way there a farmer in a tractor sees us and appears to ignore us so we proceed. We make it to within 500 meters of the road when the farmer drives past us and he smiles and waves. Phew it worked out ok, no angry farmer!

We are still 2 km away and my knee is really uncomfortable so I start walking backwards. Needless to say I walk 2 km backwards. Beduer is not really a town but a 20-30 buildings. It's a quaint little rural farming town. But we get there and Clive carries my backpack for the last kilometer.

Just a stunning two stone building complex with a view to die for. We check in, shower and do laundry .Wow what an incredible Gite run by Nadia and Phil.

I decide to rest for two days by getting a ride two days walking distance ahead to Limogne-en-Quercy. Just gotta give my knee a break. It's a battle of willpower and determination. Even with a Parkinson's right leg, left cramping calf and a right knee pain I am determined to make it to the end. I am not going to injure myself but I am not going to quit either. A lot of the battle with Parkinson's is not giving in. Don't let your self say “ I can't do that.” You don't really know until you try. And trying is half the battle. If I can make it with all my issues then you can too. Lastly I, would like to give a lot of credit to my traveling companions Clive and Maya. While I would make it to the end if I was traveling by myself it sure is nice to have support. Clive and Maya are awesome. Love you guys!

At 7:30 pm, I go to dinner with two French men - Bernier and Jacque along with our hosts. It's a delicious 4 course meal - appetizer chips, salad, main course of vegetable soup chicken legs, ribs and barbecue sausage. Wine is served all night. And desert is Ice cream and a fruit pizza. We eat outside in the great weather and beautiful sunset. After dinner, Phil invites us upstairs for aperitif. We watch the French presidency results and the everyone is excited that Macron won. Two weeks for a runoff between the top 2.

I retire for the night and fall asleep quickly.

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