Day 1: The Big Day Arrives

by - April 15, 2017

April 14, 2017

First Stage of Via Podiensis: Polignac to Monistrol
Statistics: 32.2 kilometers(20.0 miles), 42,475 steps, elevation climbed: 1,810 feet, 10-15 pilgrims,45-60 degrees

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The big day has finally arrived. It's 7:00 am in the morning. I am stretching outside our accommodations. I do one set of LVST Big stretches. I feel ready and I am anxious to get going.

After months of preparation, it's time to walk longer daily distances than I ever did in training. My goal is to take my medications as prescribed.
Clive, Maya and myself huddle and Clive says a nice prayer asking for a nice trek. I have been thinking of this moment for months. I tell everyone I love them as family and this trip is both singular and family. We each have to walk but we do it together as a family.

At 7:30 am I take my first dosage and we start walking. Almost immediately my right leg starts dragging. I continue to walk with my foot dragging.

After 45 minutes since I took my medicine: I continue to walk with a dragging foot. I stop and stretch. After another 10 minutes I take my medicine.

8:55 am After 30 minutes my feet are moving. We walk for approximately 2 hours without any foot or walking problems. The path is through open fields.It's early so no crops are planted.

10:55am. I take my third dosage. I continue to walk very well. Making good time, averaging 5+ km/hr.

I stop at 2:00pm.I take a fourth dosage. I have one more dosage to follow my doctor's presecription.

Our goal is to reach St. Privatiers Alliers then get a ride to Monistrol which is 5 km down hill. We have reservations at Monistrol.

5:00pm We have covered a lot of ground and we get close to St. Privatiers Alliers. I take my last dosage which gets me to my goal and we complete 32 kilometers.

It's amazing day for me. I only had difficulty for 1 km or less. I am ecstatic. The preparation really paid off.

Dinner is included and we meet Priscilla from Perth Australia. She’s in her mid twenties and a doctor in training. She's walking to St Jean Pied de Port. She did Camino Frances in 2011.

We hit the sack. First day complete!

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